easy rental at TOYMASTER Base on Mallorca

Simply rent any of our toys that we sell directly at our headquarters! The best way to enjoy a toy is to visit us on Mallorca. Daily direct low cost flights are available from all over Europe! Witin 2 hours you touch down at less cots than the taxi to the airport. Beatiful beaches and cristal clear waters guarantee the best experience at low price! We rent to you a SEABOB, IAQUA Dive Scooter, LAMPUGA, or ONEAN Carver X water toy as low as 150€ for one session! Since you use the toy in our area a deposit is very low to none.  Simply give us a note when you will arrive and you receive the best price.

Visit a TOYMASTER Base and take away your rental toy

You can pick up a toy for rental on Mallorca or from our toymaster rental bases in Germany, Austria, and in Thailand. If you pick up the rental toy you safe transport costs. We will be able to chec your identity and it is easy to leave a deposit with us. Take away toy rental start from 250€ / day. Prices can be much lower the longer you rent.

TOYMASTER delivers your rental toy wherever you are!

We deliver a rental toy to you wherever you are! This is not the cheapest way to rent a toy but the loger you rent the less we charge for the delivery. We deliver very fast and effective on Mallorca and from our toymaster bases into near by areas. We are experienced in shipping our high quality toys to any location in the world. Especialy for Charter Yachts and for events a toy rental can be an added value. 

rent & event

You can not only rent our toys. We also provde toy trainers and organize your toy party! We have 10 year experience in organizing your cooperate event or provate party. Beatiful beaches with cristal clear water guarantee your event at best prices in our area. We can also bring our toy fleet to your locations, including our staff. Ask us what you have in mind and we present the best solution!

TOYMASTER Shadow Yacht Charter

Charter our TOYMASTER Shadow Yacht! Equiped with all thlatest toys, you can enjoy more than one CAYAGO SEABOB, IAQUA Dive Scooter, LAMPUGA AIR, ONEAN X CARVER, LAMPUGA BOOST GT, and SEADOO Jet SKI. Further more we care austhorized  to hire from jet flyer up to complete submarines for you. Our shodow Yacht is available in our area and will "shadow" your Yacht or event on Mallorca.