TOYMASTER is the best & longest in business Cala Ratjada boat rental!

Llevant marine park in the NE of Mallorca is pure unspoiled paradise at our door step!


rental of boats & water toys  = fast & easy fun in cristal clear water @ best beaches

 Our 12 m Luxury Day cruiser "TOYMASTER" Yacht, comes with full set of Water Toys

Luxury Water Toys is our groundbreaking passion, hence TOYMASTER




Boat & SEABOB rental Cala Ratjada

"If you want to make clients happy sell Ice cream!" (Steve Jobs)

It is our goal to make clients happy with unforgetable EXPERIENCES, renting our boats & toys, learning from skilled TOYMASTERS, and discover the pristine protected Ocean & Nature.

TOYMASTER is the longest in business Water Toy experience and water toy rental provider. We started 2007 as "SEABOBBASE" renting our SEABOB scooters in Cala Lliteras.

We quickly became one of the most respected specialists in electric Luxury Dive Scooters and other e-toys that popped up during the years.  

Beiing the Pioniers in eletric water Toys, we still focus on bringing you into a perfect enviournment in many different ways, in order to enjoy modern Watersport fun in the best possible way!

Renting a boat is the fastest, most efficient, and also an avordable way to explore the maritime nature, unspoiled beaches, and to experience our water toys in cristal clear water! more
Licence free boat menast the esierst and also a low cost acces into paradise for up to 6 people for approx. 300€ incl. gasoline and proper introduction! . … read more
RIB means "Ridged-hull Inflatable Boat", which is a baot with a solide hull that would float on its own, but is supported by an inflatable tube. The result is a very light but very stabel & safe boat, that can be equipped with very powerfull outboard engines.  … read more
A YACHT is any boat that has at least a cabin and toilett facilities. So called Day Cruiser Yachts are more focussed on open deck area and fast propulsion, while livaboard Yachts are used to operate from Camping on the ocean up to luxury Yachts that are similar to a Hotel Room plus open deck areas.