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Breaking News:

IAQUA has a new owner!

Simon Phillips sold more than half IAQUA of the IAQUA shares without prior warning or an open offer.

Reason was supposed to be lack of funds/ corona crises set back in car part business / ct automotive (acc. to Mr. S. Phillips and his brother Jason Phillips).

Since approx. 6 monts Mr. Mikel Oneill and a person called "James" (Sales manager) seem to be in charge , and so far "Mike" did not introduce himself to us as beiing the opwner.  position.

Never the less the "new IAQUA team" seems to sell direct now, even to our dear dealers or actually to anybody that asks, regardless of selective distribution system philosophy and its contracted exclusive area agreements. 

Hence, the distributors are no longer listed and IAQUA seems to seek totally new small dealers and clients.

Probably this is the reason why the demand is high but the supply seems only granted to a couple of "internal buddies" like IAQUA Thailand, which is partly employed by IAQUA and have a great time running NANOs in Thailand.

When we tried to test a promissed NANO  in January/February 2023, none was available for even a quick test. We managed at least to collect at Phuket boatshow an orange dummy ... so waht you have seen so far are most likely only dummies. 


We, and other dear distributors in EU only wonder what is going on and receive only answeres that make little sense, like "the manager is bussy organizing his marriage".   Well, congratulations for at least making the bride happy in the middle of the water sports high season. 

As far as it concerns our clients we will advice to cancel the pre-paid orders for NANO dive scooters for the time beiing, because delivery time has been delayed by many moths already and and we have received no outlook when or if NNANO will arrive. Partners report similar situation. However, we already warned out clients to be open for surprices and of cours we did not pre -pay IAQUA sind they owe us anyway.  

To wait on a product is not necessarily a disaster, but there are other reasons in the background that make us to act more carful until we understand and receive assurance.

It is our duty to inform about big changes! A new IAQUA owner is surely something worth mentioning. 


We did receive one NANO 620 (to late to be displayed at PALMA boat show),  but this unit came without even a manual or said to be included quick charger.

Its performance and features are not exactly as advertised and expected. On top it has typical "china production" issues that we will not point out for the moment, because we will no longer support IAQUA until  internal issues are solved and our advice is honoured. You can read our preliminary NANO 620m  product test.

We strongly advice not to pre- pay in advance and only purchase with a trusted dealer and expect as long delivery date.  

We will pause our IAQUA business untill the new owner/ main shar hoder "Mr. Oneill" has confirmed the standing agreements, open depths,  and especially takes care about the 

responsibilities that come with the ongoing IP (Patent) fight between IAQUA and CAYAGO.

Patent court in Munich has recently rejected the Patent Nullity claim that was filed by us/ in the name of IAQUA.

It was a bit strange to follow up the judge's opinion and argumentation but we will see what the resolution will tell in detail.


However, we think that IAQUA has come a long way and sure NANO has a striking design and wants to be a game changer.

IAQUA  seems in our opinion to have partly lost itself and obviousely stept of the track. 

We can only refer to our philosophy that we rate the product, the manufacturer, the frame conditions and aftersales, because it must be seen as a package.

IAQUA had severe battery problems, and if it was not for TOYMASTER caring for its clients and pushing IAQUA to provide the hardware to exchange parts, there would have been some very ugly pictures around. 

We hope IAQUA will continue on the legal track to become a true competitor at last. Part of the game is to pay the damage that was caused by taking into account that the competitor gets disadvantaged. We think it is only a "fair game" if at least all stay with the ball game ... at the moment IAQUA is absent and seems to prefer rather playing chess or gambling on something. 

IAQUA had true potienial but increasing technical set backs and the missing legal support regarding oposing a competitor that only claims its rights is not waht one can sell easy.

Stay tuned! 




aquadart nano price test toymaster iaqua aquadart nano price toymaster toxmaster test aquadart nano
Testing AQUADART PRO & NANO in action NANO has awesome specs! NANO is super light!

IAQUA NANO 620m TOYMASTER test 05/2023

This is our IAQUA NANO 620m product test from 25.05.2023

Test Driver: 100 KG, male, 186 cm

Tested product; NANO 620m top model, (constructed: MAY 2023) TOYMASTER

TEST mission:

Uninterrupted diving at full speed in the ocean, above and under water, until maximum speed step/ level “6” droppes down/ is reduced automatically to next lower speed step "5" and so on.

The test is finished until the remaining drive speed is negligible/ slower than regular swimming.


Drive time at full speed until step down from level “6” to “5” was 5 Min.

The remaining capacity of the battery after the 5 minutes performance reads 50%.

Drive time from speed level “5” to automatic reduction to next lower level “4” was 2 minutes, which means a total uninterrupted drive time of total 7 minutes.

Drive time from speed level “4” to speed level “3”, was 3 Minutes, which means a total of 10 minutes.

Drive time from speed level “3” until level “2” is activated was 5 minutes, which means in total a drive time of 15 Min!


A NANO, driven nonstop, will last 15 min!

The fun factor speed (that is the speed that a client usually expects) is definitely given at speed step "6" iand is definitely on bikini striping eye level with nearly 40 KG heavy top dive scooters. Sadly, after 5 minutes uninterrupted drive time, the speed is reduced automatically, and then you have already “burned” 50% of the total capacity!

Hence the respectable top speed of a NANO 620m comes with an rather ultra-short drive time and an extreme loos of remaining capacity.

Speed Level “5”, feels significantly slower than top level "6", and probably matches the speed of e.g, a SEABOB F5. According to our tests a 4 KG heavier SEABOB F5 would have never been able to reach the top speed of the 25 KG light NANO, but SEABOB F5 definitely last twice as long at it's top speed.

SEABOB F5 speed is matching in our opinion speed level 5-4 of the NANO.

After a couple minutes more the speed of a NANO collapses rapidly down to a rather "no fun" factor movement.

In our opinion the drive time would not satisfy an adult that expects to have fun TIME with his Big Boy Toy. However, the NANO is fast and it looks extreemly appealinmg!

The manufacturer’s specifications should be corrected, because the weight is 25KG and not 22 KG.

We don’t want to be picky but the client pays mainly for less weight and therefor the weight should be stated accurately!

Manufactures operating time is by far of what we have tested! Operating time is rather short. Kids and super slim persons might be able to get more drive time (test pending), however, the manufacturers advertised operating time is by far from what we have tested! Even If operating time is calculated with breaks, then doubling up the 5 minutes to 10 will not make the NANO very desirable. What we liked is that on top of the water the IAQUA will not spoil your hair style or make up. Splashing water is nearly none. When trying to dive a straight line (remain at same depth) the NANO rather pulls you down. The driver has to compensate the down drag by tiring strong wrist twist or using elbows to create a lever, which makes a stretched arm position impossible. The hydrodynamic balance could be better tuned. If the down drag is not compensated the jet drive is going into balls and belly.

The advertised smart features like GPS and APP conection we could not verify yet. There is no indecation if the missing features will be updated "over the air"/ hardware is already installed. The IAQUA NANO does not emit a WLAN sgnal so far.





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