We have been working with LAMPUGA ever since it hit the market as one of the first electric surf boards.

The original LAMPUGA company went bankruped dur to severe service problems. THe original LAMPUGA boards had a closed box design and suffered from numerous technical problems. We were testing LAMPUGA BOOST and LAMPUGA AIR over a long time and actually never realy sold the product to our clients, due to the technical problems.

However, we gained a lot of pioneer experience in electric surf boarding and have been part in various 2.0 electric board projects and tests.

The new LAMPUGA company is eager to produce a highly sufisticated electric surf board, that meets higest safety standards and is completely Made in Germany.

This Year the new LAMPUGA AIR with exchangable accumulator system /battary will hit the market. LAMPUGA is still fine tuning the product and is already bussi supplying rental stations and other KEY accounts.

We already tested the LAMPUGA AIr prototype on IBIZA and can confirm that the new LAMPUGA AIR is fast and has a longer run time than before-

Stay tuned for our final test. Order with us if you want to be an early bird.

We will be the PREMIUM DEALER fro Mallorca and Thailand, offering our partners and clients the best possible quality and services.