We are part of the SEALEG GERMANY team and feature the incredible SEALEG!


What is SEALEG?

SEALEG is first of all a high quality RIB, MADE in New Zealand. It comes in many sizes (6 - 9 m), consists of a very strong marine grade / millitary specs aluminum hull, and is supported by millitary grade Hypalon tubes. A SEALEG is a rock solid, heavy duty RIB that does not win necessarily a "pretty girl"contest, and does not follw evey style trent. But it is for sure a durable and preactical design that signals right away that this boat is ment to last and complete a mission! 

A SEALEG is equipped with a unique heavy duty allweel drive system that will convert the RIB into a vehicle that can be moved in and out of the water. Due to its amphibious qualities it can also cover long distances on land. The big weels will gently grab what is offered. Sand, rocks, a ramp, even swampy soil and steep coast lines can be mastered. Like driving a 4x4 car the SEELEG will find its way.

However, a SEALEG is not a car! It definetely is a full size vehicle that can carry loads from A to B. A SEALEG is heavy duty high speed RIB that is fully cabable to navigate also in harsh terrain at rather low speed, but it can do this, while other boats simply stop there where water ends.

Why buy a SEALEG?

If you are looking for a high quality RIB, that meets the highest resccue and millitary standards, then look no further. SEALEG offers more. The amphibiouse qualities will make a big difference. Instead of investing in luxury add ons and shiny look, invest in true extra abillities! The appearance of a SEALEG reminds more of a commercial heavy duty craft than pretty lesure design. However, our team is also specialized and authorized in SEALEG customization. We can top up a SEALEG to become a appealing luxury boat with leasure use in mind. A SEALEG can serve high expectiations to be a very useful luxury Yacht tender with landing craft abillities!

The incredible option of moving the SEALEAG in and out of the water on its onw weels opens an entire set of incredile possibillities:

  • If you own a water boundering property, you simply drive your SEALEG into the water and enjoy! No marina, no hassle, no in water storing. This is of course an very big advantage and will save you lots of time, you actually use your RIB more often and your preserve your investment by keeping it in your garage!
  • In a Marina or other public area with water access you may pay less for a boat place on shore but you are in the water faster then anybody can unwrapp a boat that is tied up in a marina. Again you can much better maintance and preserve your boat from harsh enviounments, , and not ideal marina berths
  • If you tailer your SEALEG you also have the advantage to water your boat were yu lease (where its alowed or not at least fornitten). You don't need a ramp and you don't need a mArina or berth, once you are in the water! Even the distance between trailer and water access point you can cover litteraly on SEALEGS
  • In a emergancy (stoarm or even outboard brak down), you have the choice to anchor or even move on land! In an emercency you can acess any shore that keeps you and your boat save! You cant anchor in a storm / be affected on wave and wind directin change. On shore you are save, relax, calm down, and then you sort out your next moves. Most of the times you simply wait untill the conditions are better. Your SEALEG provides shelter, power, and much more if you coustumize!
  • For commercial use tha properties of a SEALEG realy are striking! In emergencies you can help in places were others can't. Malasia has one of the biggest SEALEG fleets and applies them as rescue boats and also in case of nature desasters, tsunamis (Malaysia sent SEALEGS to Indonesian Crisis areas!).Police and maritime enviornment protecting forces can be based strategicaly smart on peninsulars and cover both sides of a water covered terretory. Personal can base up on shore permanetely of create a camping site. The SEALEG next to the site on shore, ready to go!
  • If you plan an extreem expediton in areas that are covered by water and land, without bridges and not easy accessable, then a SEALG is the last resort.
  • Last but not least, if you are on vacation in Thailand, then simply park your SEALEG next to your bungalow! What a luxury! YOur don't need a MEGA Yacht. Simply rent a luxury vacation home with water access and bring your SEALEG ... you are better off than a MEGA yacht at leteraly no costs!