Check out one of the few e-surf boards that actually met our expectations!

ONEAN is an electric surf board company that has been around a long time, while other brands went bankruped.

Since ONEAN introduced the CARVER X they are part of the small high power e suft board manufacturer family. High power electric surf boards can be compared to high tech sport cars. To find the best ballance between reiabillity and performance, at an afortable price is a hard task.

2. Generation e-surf boards are expected to be also userfriendly, easy to transport, and easy to repair. The best brands are still struggeling to meet 2. Generation user demands. ONEAN offers simply the best result, the best package, if you look for a powerfull e-surf that that offers no more and no less state of the art e-surf fun! 

The exchangable battary system is rock solid. The performance of the CARVER X is excellent. The boards are light and easy to handle.

We tested the ONEAN X Carver 2018/19 in trophical conditions.

Ride time is avarage 40 min. ONEAN passed our full load test in tropical conditons without themal failure.

That is why we sale & service ONEAN on Mallorca and Thailand. Feel free to order with us and receive exelent consulting and services.

Try and Buy with us on Mallorca.

Check out our striking tropical conditon test videos: