Update 28.10. 2023


The termionation agreement between IAQUA and TOYMASTER has failed, because IAQUA so far did not comply, demands (not to say blackmail) TOYMASTER to basically free IAQUA of ANY responsibility and costs in numerouse IP related (past, present, future!), basically open IP cases cases!

This is not acceptable! TOYMASTER asked IAQUA to cover at least a minimum of the overall demand, but IAQUA is not able and also not willing to cover even "peanuts"!


Any investor (or IPO related investor) shall be aware,  that currently IIAQUA and it's share holders (present and former share holders) have not solved underneth stated accusations and facts (mainly illegal sales of a bankruped companies*s assets/  business fraud).

Also IAQUA has not settled the debts and IP related open claims that EU courts have already confirmed. SInce IAQUA dupplied infringing goods, IAQUA stays responsible, unless an agreement is in place.     




IAQUA bankrupt?

 Update 02.08.23

Upon our pressure IAQUA has forwarded  approx.the sales value of one IAQUA worth of compensation for court costs. 

However, there is no solution or plan in taking over responsibillities and paying back the money that IAQUA owes TOYMASTER!


Meanwhile we notice that IAQUA dealers like wave-lovers.com (supplied most likely from the German IAUQUA Distributor) have taken over the MALLORCA IAQUA Market, despite the fact that 

TOYMASTER has an existing selicitve distiribution agreement with IAQUA for Spain and other regions. 


We can only WARN dealers not to trust any agreement with IAQUA and NOT to pre- pay IAQUA for products, let alone prepay  IAQUA sub dealers. 

We have reports that IAQUA dealers can not deliver what has been ordered.

Despite our urgent requests, IAQUA does not reply on aftersaels issues, like failing ECU (main boards), failing displays.

Also numerous bad quality IAQUA batteries are still to be exchanged/ replaced! IAQUA does not care for those issues/ aftersales not replying. 

Important information: all existing IAQUA dealers in Spain do NOT have a proper training, experience, and qualification to service IAQUA products, especially IAQQUA batteries! 


Update 24.07.2023: 

original email from IAQUA 13.07.2023, names are replaced by XXXXXX:


This email is to confirm that iAqua has been in communication with XXXXXXX and have been working with him to resolve your situation as early as possible. XXXXXXX is on vacation this week, therefore he might not be reacting to your communication. Meanwhile, we have agreed to make a payment of EUR 15,000 towards the court fees, which we will do by the end of next week. When XXXXXX is back from his holiday (end of next week), he will communicate the other matters with you and our position regarding the same. Best regards, Danish S M Managing Director IAQUA Limited" :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: end of email



First of all, this is one of many emails, where IAQUA is actually buying time instead of solving an issue, let alone pay for damages and debts. The damage of 2019 (infringing STINGRAY product) is still not fully paid by IAQUA!

Despite forwarding the invoice and precise account information, IAQUA did not pay the court fees (IP fight costs, caused by IAQUA) as promised in above email!

This is an up to date proof that IAQUA is unable to pay!

By the way, the 15.000€ would only be a fraction of the open IP fight costs and wide open lawyer's bills that IAQUA has failed to pay since years.

All IAQUA lawyers that I know (even directly from IAQUA contracted) claim open bills!


The above resent email is only an example of the endless promises and excuses from an actually bankrupt company under the mamagement of criminals!

XXXXXX is on vacation, true, but in constant contact with me. It is IAQUA who has not been in contact and escapes responsibillities!

Mr. Danish resent excuse was that he was getting married in India and could not "respond to matters" due to his marrage schedule that lasted approx. 3 weeks.

This means the Manager of a bankrupet company is granted vacation and gettimg married (!!!!), while IAQUA faces bankruptcy problems, severe IP right problems, and piling up aftersales issues? The carless behaviour of IAQUA triggers massive damage to IAQUA dealers, the competitor in any case, and also the clients.

Danish speaks of "other matters" as if owing more than 200.000€ to TOYMASTER would be a simple "matter", let alone the nearly Million € that IAQUA must pay on damage costs and fines due to production and distribution of patent infringing products! Those matters are unsolved since 2022!


end of Update


Since approx. mid. 2022 IAQUA was already not able and also not willing to pay open bills, let alone open debts.

Many of the IAQUA product versions have either been accepted by IAQUA as infringing (so called cease & desist agreement regarding the IAQUA STINGRAY design), or EU corts in Spain, France, and Germany rueld an priliminary injuction or/ and first instance resolutions,  that litteraly all Products prior approx. 2022 are infringing CAYAGO patents.  

This is an ongoing IP right "fight" between IAQUA and CAYAGO, were in EU distributors are legally attacked by CAYAGO, because IAQUA hides in China and escapes its responsibillities. 

This is a civil process in EU that requirers IAQUA to alter its products in a way to NOT INFRINGE any CAYAGO patents, and cover court costs and damages that were caused by infringing rated products!

Besides the IP related product evolution IAQUA also caused a lot of aftersales damage!

First IAQUA dive scooter versions had e.g. a hull type that can not be opened without causing irreparable damage to the hull.

Due to failing modules (Displays, ECU, Batteries ...) hulls could not be opened easy/ IAQUA units were impossible to service. Damage was caused!

Also important SAFETY features issues are still unsolved/ IAQUA seems to ignore and escape it's financial responibility regarding initializing and covering Batterie recalls.  


However, IAQUA can not deliver the currently advertised and promissed current products. Product tests revealed severe set backs (SEASON 2023).

At the same time the new IAQUA global sales team sells IAQUA products direct! This is at least a morally speaking a massive betrayal of IAQUA distributors, dealers, and partners. 


Be aware that the "new IAQUA team" seeks new dealers and therfore escaping the responsibilities and agreements with former dealers. 


Our monentary advice? Don't fall for it! Don't trust this people as long as they are hiding in China. Even in China they can not be trusted!

We already have reports that new dealers have been "ripped off" by demanding 100% advance payment, but crucial delivery deadlines violated. Totally unacceptable in water sport business ist eh fact that this dealer was actually our B2B client, based on IAQUA selective distribution competition law. THis means IAQUA violated agreements, double "sold rights, and changed the selective system to a none selective system. This means that any dealer can sell IAQUA, regarless of his qulification or ressources ... idially it is only important that he pays fully in andvance! 

In the consequence we had to sadly cancel NANO pre-orders and at least paid back our dear clients the pre-paid amount.

Instead of 2023 profits, we only had costs for e.gl Austrian and PALMA boatshows and now disapopinted clients.


IAQUA had changed from "selective distribution system" to DIRECT Sales from China, without prior notice to the distributors.

A new IAQUA internet site was created, new IAQUA Sales & Management team simply deleted the online list of IAQUA distributors.

Without controlling the import we can no longer monitor the product quality and therfore we will stop for the time beiing any IAQUA service or sales. 

We tested the newest product IAQUA NANO, and already found typical china prodct no goes, such as razor sharp parts.

In our opinion current product sales are actually illegal because a unknown sales team has direct access to products and seem to pre-sell the future production without any authorization, without proper quality management, without CE certification, without any manual, and completely against valid trade agreements, causing open more dbts and piling up open costs and IAQUA related resppnsibilities. Who is responsible? Clearly

Mr. Simon Phillips, along with his Brother Jason Phillips, and his son Nat Philips (responsible for IAQUA promotion and illegal act of distributing a STINGRAY model on IBIZA!).  

The core IAQUA team are actualy natives from India or former Inian culture people.

They seem to be british citizens but in our opinion very far away from beiing brithish gentleman like ... let alone reliable business partners! IAQUA is supported by chineese electric engeneers. CT Automotive is the core company and the core supply of ressources that made IAQUA possible. 

It could be advisable for the car industry to question this supplyer as well, because in our experience they are unreliable and seem to "hide" behind off shore companies, while living pysically in mostly Thailand. 

How do we know? Well this is were TOYMASTER met IAQUA (former SEAJET) the first time at KATA Rocks boatshow were the STINGRAY Concept was published. 


IAQUA has been somehow rather secretly sold to a new owner (so called "new main share holder"), that seems to have taken over IAQUA with an entire new team, and has direct access to the IAQUA products and IAQUA accounts.

Share holders are usually not involved in active business and shall not be able to influrence the business to their own benefit/ violating agreements and ignoring debts. 

This raises also the question if "the new team" is properly employed in the first place.

We have so far no clue who is now rightfully managing IAUQA, but we can see clearly who pulls the strings.

According to Mr. Simon Phillips it is his friend and new main share holder Mr. Mike Oneil. We never saw a sales contract! Products seem to be sent via a company called "Campus Locker", which seems to be owned by this Mike. As the main distributor for IAQUA in EU we never were introduced to Mike! ... thats super strange. 


If a company is not able (or willing) to pay bills, then bankruptcy is imminent and must be filed accordingly without delay with the local authorities.

Such a process is obligatory in order to PREVENT further damage and to secure the assets!

Bankrupt means the high chance that assets are stolen, handed out to 3. parties, or sold "under the table". Thhs means robbery with intent to damage 3. parties!  

Assets are any valuable good!

This can be the brand name, the sales rights, sales agreements, any product development stage that can result in profits.

Especially if such a product was developed on costs and with the help of many lawyers and partners, in order withstand the IP right claims of patent holders.  

Once bankruptcy has been filed, a court appointed bankruptcy lawyer usualy will priminary manage the company, and may take offers of investors into account. THis would have been the correct way of introducing an investor!

Of course such investors do not have imediate access over the entire company. First they must simply invest and enable the company to delet the "nearly bankrupt" status. 

The appointed interim manager will have to first carfull manage/ balance  the revenue, negotiate with debtors, with the all over aim of reducing negative balance. 

Appointed lawyer would judge together with his experts first of all the assets and guard them from robbery. Especialy the CEO and former manager, core staff must be keept from access to valuable assets! 


We did not see any of such preventive actions!

The assets and sales rights have been obviously sold 2022 to an unknowen "investor", that first of all changed everything to his sole and immediate benefits. 

Investment means to fill the cash registre and not to "pick the cherries of the cake" and eat them up!


We suspect an act of delaying bankruptcy from Mr. Simon Phillips during 2022.

By delaying bankruptcy and possibly enabling an unauthorized "sale out" of IAQUA valuables and assets (especially the profitable IAQUA NANO development), most likely as a criminal act took place and must be reported to the local chamber of commerce.

We will request a FRAUDULENT TRADING criminal investigation 

Subjects and their partners that abuse a countries trade system and do not obey the most simple laws of "a proper business", shall be cut off the VISA regulations, and right to do business in China

If IAQUA does not solve the pile of issues and does not take over respnsibilities, then our facts and the conclusion remain true.

We demand IAQUA to transparently reveal how the bankrupty was actually avoided, hence at what point an investment was received and what it has been used for. 

Who is managing the revenue and the profits?

Current double assingnment of distribution have to be explained and reverse compensated.

Coverage of previouse damages by granting rights and future business outlook became a unfulfilled promise and will raise even higher damage claims. 

Granting a so called "new shareholder" general access to decision making of complete production, sales, reseouces , and even access to the accounts of IAQUA,is highly questionable. 


Permitting knowingly the sales of current products and future business opportunities/ trade agreements to 3. parites, and violating therefore existing trade agreements with actually debtors, is not only moraly speaking a no go, and in a legal sense it is robbery! 

If revenues are channeled to only benefit the new owner himself, or the new sales structure of the owner's "best friends", then Mr. Phillips has in our opinion actively left IAQUA uncontroled on purpose.

So to say doors were left open" and left valuable assets unprotected.

We have reports that some of the IAQUA trechnology was transfered to competitors that also presented in 2023 a similar product. 

Along with "Mrs. Moshes" internal information was according to Mr. Phillips/ his knowledge transfered to another company.

"the best horse left in the stable" is the IAQUA NANO product. This is under full control of exclusively the new owner. 


Without the proper and transparent management of an appointed bankruptcy lawer, a company can not be saved from bankruptcy, unless an investor simply supplies money and will profit in the long run ... or not. 

Mr. Simon Phillips has transfered control  the company approx. 2021 first to his brother, and then altogether in very unexperienced hands of an interims Manager called "Germany Moshes" together with other jung inexperienced people (Son of Jason Phillips and Son of the Thai IAQUA dealer called Nickly), ... litterally a bunch of kids.

Mr. Simon Phillips has withdrawn physically his IAQUA manger Mr. Danish Mohamed, in order to care for another company called "Scumadi" in Thailand.

AQUA was therefore left alone poorly managed, while in difficult proceedings and aftersales issues claims caused a lot of damage. 

Just resently the same Manager was reinstalled but for a long time not available due to family business in India. In our point of view IAQUA is mainly managed from home offices around the world and chineese staff left alone to produce questionable results. This was different when Mr. Phillips managed the company and was present in 2018/2019!

In our opinion the main share holder Mr. Phillips lost intrest in IAQUA the more problems piled up. This triggered partly big mistakes or claimed illegal actions, such as knowingly sales of infringing goods to a grey dealers within Spain (CEUTA), causing a massive IP right claim.

Profit pressure, despite quality issues and legal limitaitons increased the chaos. Profit driven emplyees and partners will increase the chaos. 

Additionally massive battery problems, in short piled up aftersales issues are up to this day left unsolved, because how can a dealer care for aftersales if he must watch his distribution rights go down the drain/ promissed to new aquired partners ... including business outlook in aftersaels access.

Without proper parts from IAQUA aftersales cannot be taken care of. The new team lacks in our opinion aftersales experience, an understanding of product responsibility, and partly proper qualifications. 


Given the fact that CORONA battled the different business branches of Mr. Phillips, we did understand and showed understanding.

However, after analysing the activities since Mr. Phillips stopped to care we must say that this is simply a failure to take over responsibility and leaving the field open for "kids" to act partly adventures ways that has caused a lot of damage to a lot of good people!

Sadly we must report that unpaid bills remain open, despite our constant pledge to take on responsibilities, follow agreements, and pay off the bills at least step by step.!

Due to the fact that IAQUA Products require a full legal back up, we can currently not recommend to purchase an IAQUA product, because the legal back up is not granted at the moment, actualy granted at the moment. We have no idea who is in charge within IAQUA and under waht conditions the shares were sold.

This will possibly cause IAQUA partners having to file bankruoptcy as well, or at least directing resourcess to cover the legal claims as best as possible. 

I hope you understand why we "whistle blow" our opinion, because in the end we want to avoid also our bankruptcy,  and at least point clearly to the ones responsible for this mess. Any profit within IAQUA must be directed to the detors and for covering claims!

To our knowledge also the new product has been compromised by the competitor claims to supposed to violate patens.

The new products of IAQUA represent an development evolution, which was only possible and legal because courts and lawyers have defined step by step how an IAQUA product must be built in order to be possibly free of legal claims.

Such "development costs" are lawyers, courts, and so on to be paid and part of the open bills of IAQUA all over EU.

Also the competitor has suffered set backs due to preliminary as infringing rated products in first instances.

At least those damages are due and must be paid from revenue, before any profit could be declared ... let alone be credited to a "new owner" or controlled of such a unknown factor..

This affects especially the valuable business outlook of profits from IAQUA products with a less probability to infringe patents. 


It is our duty to "whistle blow" the current devastating situation in order to prevent further damage!

We will not take part in supporting a seemingly reneltless and selfish self appointed owner, that possibly has gained acces of IAQUA assets by criminal acts of either Mr. Simon Phillips in sort of a team work, and causing massive damage to partners, clients, and also to competitor and its open rightfull claims.


So far we demand IAQUA to simply pay open bills, pay back debts, and also cover the damage and fines that courts have decided in first instances to be paid.

We demand IAQUA to stick to the agreements and the continuation of the proper procedures on how to introduce a product within the EU.

Only with "fair play" at hand and IAQUA taking on responsibilities and caused damage, TOYMASTER would consider to continue the support/ offering TOYMASTER tested products that meet our quality expectations.

Currently we clearly draw a line and demand IAQUA to come back on track or declare bankruptcy. 

The NANO product is not as advertised and it is not available!

We can not see how IAQUA can profit from this product that is completely out of quality control, without proper manual, not in complience with EU regulations,  and is sold in a "Wild West" manner, causing "shoot outs" between existing distributors and dealers and the "outlaws". 



 IAQUA DIVE Scooter PRO series general DESIGN:



contact the official IAQUA distributor SALES & SERVICE

buy now, book a test drive or request more information.





IAQUA 2023 facts & prices of IAQUADART models and the new NANO top modell


We can NOT recommend IAQUA due to unrealiable quallity, continuing infringing of patents, unsolved aftersales issues (compare detailed opinion). 

Our preliminary opinion about IAQUA NANO 620m?

NANO is a game changer, ... yes, but not necessarily in the water!

  • effective operating time is only approx. 10 min ( 7 min top speed at level 6-4)    
  • cool design with LED front and & back lights
  • weight is tested 25 KG (not advertised 22 KG!)
  • quick charger strongly recomended. Former IAQUA quick chargers are not compatible
  • production quality seems ok, but sharp logo edges and partly cheap appeal of materials.  
  • the promissed smart features (GPS, APP ...) are not installed. 


WE STOPPED IAQUA sales due to open issues with IAQUA and continuing aftersales problems.  


TOYMASTER NANO 620m test (05/2023)

This is our IAQUA NANO 620m product test from 25.05.2023

Test Driver: 100 KG, male, 186 cm

Tested product; NANO 620m top model, (constructed: MAY 2023) TOYMASTER

TEST mission:

Uninterrupted diving at full speed in the ocean, above and under water, until maximum speed step/ level “6” droppes down/ is reduced automatically to next lower speed step "5" and so on.

The test is finished until the remaining drive speed is negligible/ slower than regular swimming.


Drive time at full speed until step down from level “6” to “5” was 5 Min.

The remaining capacity of the battery after the 5 minutes performance reads 50%.

Drive time from speed level “5” to automatic reduction to next lower level “4” was 2 minutes, which means a total uninterrupted drive time of total 7 minutes.

Drive time from speed level “4” to speed level “3”, was 3 Minutes, which means a total of 10 minutes.

Drive time from speed level “3” until level “2” is activated was 5 minutes, which means in total a drive time of 15 Min!


A NANO, driven nonstop, will last 15 min!

The fun factor speed (that is the speed that a client usually expects) is definitely given at speed step "6" iand is definitely on bikini striping eye level with nearly 40 KG heavy top dive scooters. Sadly, after 5 minutes uninterrupted drive time, the speed is reduced automatically, and then you have already “burned” 50% of the total capacity!

Hence the respectable top speed of a NANO 620m comes with an rather ultra-short drive time and an extreme loos of remaining capacity.

Speed Level “5”, feels significantly slower than top level "6", and probably matches the speed of e.g, a SEABOB F5. According to our tests a 4 KG heavier SEABOB F5 would have never been able to reach the top speed of the 25 KG light NANO, but SEABOB F5 definitely last twice as long at it's top speed.

SEABOB F5 speed is matching in our opinion speed level 5-4 of the NANO.

After a couple minutes more the speed of a NANO collapses rapidly down to a rather "no fun" factor movement.

In our opinion the drive time would not satisfy an adult that expects to have fun TIME with his Big Boy Toy. However, the NANO is fast and it looks extreemly appealinmg!

The manufacturer’s specifications should be corrected, because the weight is 25KG and not 22 KG.

We don’t want to be picky but the client pays mainly for less weight and therefor the weight should be stated accurately!

Manufactures operating time is by far of what we have tested! Operating time is rather short. Kids and super slim persons might be able to get more drive time (test pending), however, the manufacturers advertised operating time is by far from what we have tested! Even If operating time is calculated with breaks, then doubling up the 5 minutes to 10 will not make the NANO very desirable. What we liked is that on top of the water the IAQUA will not spoil your hair style or make up. Splashing water is nearly none. When trying to dive a straight line (remain at same depth) the NANO rather pulls you down. The driver has to compensate the down drag by tiring strong wrist twist or using elbows to create a lever, which makes a stretched arm position impossible. The hydrodynamic balance could be better tuned. If the down drag is not compensated the jet drive is going into balls and belly.

The advertised smart features like GPS and APP conection we could not verify yet. There is no indecation if the missing features will be updated "over the air"/ hardware is already installed. The IAQUA NANO does not emit a WLAN sgnal so far.




*Above prices are subject to change.

All IAQUA dive scooter models prior 2023 have been discontiued.

The Dive Scooter in the above SIDE SHOW represents only the general SEADART DESIGN. Update 2023: Be aware that several IAQUA Models (e.g. STINGRAY & SEADART) have been rated by several EU courts to infringe technical patents!


IAQUA AQUADART 2023 model contains the 4. Generation Battery System:

  • smooth battery container surface for even better and tighter fit!
  • the outside protective "bag" of 2020 models is no longer applied. All "bagged batteries" are potential safety risks!
  • cell pack is additionaly protected INSIDE the battery container
  • battery container end caps are of superiour material (Nylon) and have glass potting barrior technology from deep sea exploration vehicles. 
  • the battery is protected by several water ingress sensors that will indecate a warning on the LED screen. 

Be aware of unauthorized IAQUA dealers/ sellers! Only TOYMASTER is the outhorized distributor of IAQUA products in Spain, Austria, and other countries. Update 2023; IAQUA was sold to new owners that do not cooperate with the existing dealer network, decline so far aftersales responsibilities. 

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE OF UNAUTHORIZED  IAQUA PRODUCTS AND CAN NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVICEDS FOR SUCH PRODUCTS! At the moment we only take care of frequent clients in order to prevent safety hazards. This depends on IAQUA supplying SAFE, reliable, and none infringing spare parts!

IAQUA models are produced for many contries and in many different versions.  Purchase your IAQUA only from an authorized EU distributor network!

For each country there is ony ONE authorized distributor. Ask IAQUA or the IAQUA distributor which dealers in  your country are authorized.

Update 2023: IAQUA has been sold and preferes now direct sales from China, without any local support from skilled and experienced dealers. Compare to our opinion about IAQUA bankruptcy in 2022. 

TOYMASTER IAQUA models are 100% tested and quality controled , to meet highest safety & quality standarts. Update 2023: Due to the fact that several IAQUA models were rated patent infringing, IAQUA seemed in our opinion and experience discontinued the improvement and all over care of former IAQUA models. Current models contain the partly faulty technology (e.g. faulty ECU units, faulty displays, weak hull structure/ thread inlay design. The IAQUA AQUADART design is not compatable to frequent service checks.  

Our IAQUA versions were produced exclusively  for TOYMASTER to our requirements and specifications.

Update: we sadly have to report that IAQUA has actualy cheated our quality controls by supplying especially in 2021/2022 IAQUA units that contained safety hazard batteries and modules from "old stock"  (LED screen housing, motor housing) with knowingly bad performing materila (not Nylon!). We sadly have to report,  that we have been quality cheated by IAQUA supplying partly faulty old modules!

We import our units directly in compliance with all current  EU laws and regulations.

Update 2023, IAQUA was not able to supply current CE Qualification, a proper manual. CE Qualification that was issued is outdated and seem not to cover the altered and new models. 


IAQUA features and pricing in DETAIL

Update 2023: New IAQUA owners have INCREASED prices. Compared to first IAQUA models the priuce has been increased by 100%!

The "low price" philosophy of the former IAQUA owners was replaced by in our opinion unjustified price increase! E.g. an IAQUA Quickcharger has trippeled in price!

We do not support such a price increase and at the same time unsolved aftersales issues, unreliable product quality.  and many more open IAQUA problems.

  • IAQUA basic model (8.299€ incl. VAT)
  • IAQUA mid range model (13.299€ incl. VAT)
  • IAQUA top model (18.799€ incl. VAT)

All off the variations share the same dimensions, approx. the same weight, come with a regular charger and an approved flight box as packing. Kindly note that each year the technology is updated, regardles of the IAQUA product name, So far there are two different designs; IAQUA STINGRAY and IAQUA SEADART.

However, STINGRAY DESIGN production has been stopped (because it was rated as infringing design patents)  approx. mid. The IAQUA SEADART/ AQUADART DESIGN could be infringing (final court decision pending).

 Let's check out the basic features in Detail:


Simply a 100% FUNpackage at half of the price! 

  •  low price
  •  fast speed and long runtime

IAQUQ BASIC is the affordable basic version and already one of the most powerfull scooters on the market! ! IAQUA dedicated great specs. for the the basic model range, in order to be on eyesight of the competitors mid range models, but cost approx. half the price!  IAQUA basic models hase almost the same capacity compare to IAQUA mid, and top models. This means they have similar long drive time!  Competitor's basic model only offers half of the battery capacity compared to their mid range & top model. If you prefer to carry approx. 6 KG less weight and accept a rather low run time and low power then you shall prefer competitors! 

With the IAQUA BASIC model you will receive the most BANG for your Buck, a good package with a perfect fun factor!

 Pricees compared to other premiuum brands is cut approx. in half!  Draw backs are the limited colour choice, "only!  5 speed steps, and the basic model has no extra features.


IAQUA Mid Range plus Models

The IAQUA mid range plus models is clearly the TOYMASTER's choice! It comes with higher specs. and attractive features. The price is still the best on the market!

  • SAMSUNG battery cells that enable higher speed
  • CARBON kit - real CARBON appliocations
  • 7 special colours

SAMSUNG cells: The SAMSUNG cells deliver high curent output. Hence the mid range models have the full power punch, speeds up like a sports car, and the SAMSUNG can handle the extra power and offer best runtime and lifetime. 

SUB LED LIGHTS:  How to tell cometitors appart from in IAQUA? If you see a light it's an IAQUA! You can turn the LED high power lights on and off. With lights you can be seen by others, even during day light! Just like it is obligatory for motorcycles, we strongly recommend to switch on lights during day time and increase safety!

The Sub Light LEDs are very powerful and enable you to simply use the IAQUA  with LED lights in pitch dark.  You will light up the ocean in front of you! We did test night dives in Thailand and on Mallorca. It was stunning to light up the maritime sceenery. You feel like a space ship in 0 gravity ... an unforgettable feeling!

With sub lights you double up fun time, because now you can explore oceans also during the twilight zone or even at night!

CARBON KIT will increase luxury appearance a big deal! Think about sport and luxury cars. Carbon is not only cutting down weight and improving stiffness, it simply looks incredibly cool!  IAQUA mid range plus model have a carbon display housing and the jet outlet bezel is also 100% carbon.

When IAQUA is applying carbon and  its real carbon!

Other brands apply vinyl wrap, dip in wrap, and even apply real carbon fiber on top of the original plastic body for.

The IAQUA CARBON parts part come  with carbon benefits like increasement in stiffness and less weight. Only then it is real carbon and will create the stunning CARBON look as well.

SPECIAL COLORS are another striking difference in appearance. IAQUA Mid Range  Models provide a free choice of 7 colors. This includes colors that are only reserved for mid range line  (Corsica Orange and Bahamas Blue), and also metallic colors at no extra costs!

SHARK GUARD (this feature is not available for EU models. It is a simple magnetic field that is generated by an electric pulse that runs through a wire assembly. . No guarantee that it keeps sharks away;-)



IAQUA top model is PROfessioal . It is packed with all above features of the mid range model, but the key difference is that it is completely (upper and lower body) in  genuine ultra strong and light carbon fiber! Naturally the  SEADART PRO is the winner in appearance. Own the fastest and most advanced dive scooterin the world!

The speed of a full carbon IAQUA dive scooter is higher, because less weight means more speed!

Also the stiff body improves agility and planing speed. Is there anything that can be compared to an IAQUA full CARBON DIVE SCOOTER? 

The IAQUA has a true/ genuine light wight CARBON construction,  that includes the lower hull. in CARBON as well. This makes the light CARBON IAQUA Scooter much stiffer and better performing. A very cool CARBON defuser reduces DRAG, like FORMULAR 1 race cars reduce air  turbulances. 

THE IAQUA top model is equipped with a multi blade impeller, which can run much higher revolutions! The full CARBON boddy can handle such higher revolutions and the result is a wisper tubine like drive. The IAQUA top model has 7 power steps, is faster, has different software/ power settings, but it is based on the SAME technology & SAMSUNG high power cells as the mid range IAQUA models! 

Now you know the differences between the IAQUA moels. The model name may indecate the state of technical Evolution.

SEAJET, STINGRAY, IAQUA ONE, IAQUA NEO IAQUA EON, IAQUA 650c, , IAQUA 720s, IAQUA 770p, and IAQUA SEADART( SEADART22 series are all discontinued versions.

You can be sure that TOYMASTER and its connected dealers always supply the newest IAQUA model. IAQUA is fast in evolution and developement.

The IAQUA Story

Update 2023: The IAQUA history is in our opinion not correct, since it turned out that IAQUA does not folow up its own philosophy and seems actually to break laws and trade agreements. IAQUA was sold "under the table" in 2022/23. The new owners have increased prices, rebewed the web site, and have dumped the dealer network in ordeer to profit on DIRECT SALES. In our opinion the new IAQUA owner is simply a global dealer that has purchased the gblobal sales rights, while the former owner is escaping liabillity and also IP right reslonsibillities/ damage charges.   

IAQUA consists of a young team of international engeneers and designers thet centers around British founders. The key to sucess is that the founders are one of the biggest car part supplyers in the world with professiona developement and production facilities in Shengzhen China and Thailand.

What was the reason for them to enter the water sport market? Well, the founders simply where stunned by the very high prices and rather bad quallity and aftersales services in water toy bussines. 

We were in 2017/2018 the first authorized SEABOB dealer that was confronted with the in our opinion new striking IAQUA products.

We had to react, because our SEABOB business in Thailand/ Asia was affected from obviouse growing IAQUA competition already.

In our opinion (looking back) IAQUA dive scooters are the more advanced and more modern product. IAQUA provides a very good aftersaels service, and prices are considerably low. 

Since 2013 we were exhibiting at international boat-shows in Thailand. 2017 we were invited to the VIP KATA Rocks Boat Show in Phuket, in order to present our SEABOB dive scooters for trial and purchase.

Well, we were stunned when IAQUA debuted the IAQUA DIVE SCOOTER concept!

Back then it was still a Concept, presented by a bunch of international enthusiasts, obviousely planing on offering an alternative DIVE Scooter (similar to DELFJET & SEABOB)). 

We already felt and figured that this team of young man was ment to stay and will  redefine the Dive Scooter / DPV market step by step.

Apply modern electronics and stunning new features at much lower price tag seems tho be their mission and core abillity. 

Only few months later (at the Thailand Yacht Show in Feb. 2018) IAQUA presented at a  SUNSEEKER sub dealer stand several actually working IAQUA DIVE Scooters, ... not only a DESIGN CONCEPT. 

2018/19 we were invited to the official IAQUA presentation in Thailand, where IAQUA  presented the finalized unique IAQUA dive scooter product at the famos CATCH Beach Club.

We had the chance to test IAQUA dive scooter models in Thailand . Numerous international dealers were present. Everybody was stunned of the professional way the new product was presented to the public from the friendly and transparent IAQUA team.

IAQUA is a big high tech player in Shenzhen China. The background is impressive, because IAQUA is a branch of one of the biggest automotive parts manufacturers in the world. This means that IAQUA products follow high automotive quality standards, and they know how to produce reliable quality parts at low price in China. 

IAQUA produces genuine industrial products. This is why quality is high, and costs are low! Also the innovation and production speed follow car industry constant demand for the newest innovation and trends.

Maybe now you understand why IAQUA was rated by us a game changer and has prooven to be an alternative. IAQUA has just started to revolutionize water sport products and recently (approx. 2022) has new heavy investors on board.

Update 2023: The "heavy investors" have purchased a bankruped IAQUA company and its valuable assets, while IAQUA has stopped to pay invoices (unable to pay), owes TOYMASTER up to 200.000€!, and was unable to finance recalls of partly infringing products and products with safety hazards!

The new investor is in our opinion rather the purchaser of global sales rights and is focusing the newest IAQUA models only, while profiting from the IAQUA brand that was to a big extend promoted by TOYMASTER. In our opinion the new investor has purchased the IAQUA assets in an act of fradulant trading. Investigation is pending/ TOYMASTER has charged IAQUA former owner to stick to agreements and pay back open debts.  

The IAQUA team consists of an international engineers team that is proud to work and produce in high tech Shenzhen.

Product development and innovation take place where highest technology standards are given. We all must understand that in many aspects this is not any more only the western world! Where does your smartphone come from? Who builds the best TV's , Where do car makers purchase technology?

COVID has slowed down China! This had naturaly also an effect on IAQUA production, supply, and prices.

Update 2023:

CORONA and also IP right court cases not in favour for IAQUA requirered constant product changes. Also SEVERE technical problems with the e.g. safety hazard batteries have actually killed IAQUA cash flow.  IAQUA was in our opinion sold, despite the fact of beiing bankrupet!

However, this affected not only IAQUA! THe whole world depends on chip sets and batteries from Asia ... also the  IAQUA competitors and water toy industry/marine sector in general.  IAQUA has many resources inhose and is pecialized on local supply in China, which is of course more efficiant than having to depend on overseas exports. The micro chip industry depends on Asia and can not be entierly  "Made in Germany"  Did you know that parts for EU compeditors and more than one water sport toy manifacturers that advertise "Made in Germany" and "Made in Austria" are actually produced by IAQUA related company?

IAQUA general Information

The IAQUA dive scooter can be used on top and under wate up to 40 m depth. It is battery (accumulator) driven and can be recharged with a fast charger. An IAQUA scooters / DPV weight approx. 29 - 36 KG, have a modern design, are built from state of the art composite material that is supported by marine grade aluminum parts.  Also available in a much stiffer full genuine carbon version.

IAQUA dive scooters are build with simplicity and innovation in mind. All modules are mounted neatly on a tray/platform. Crucial parts (like the handles to hold on and the carry handles) are metal supported (marine grade aluminum). Also in terms of thermal design no compromises were made.

ECU (the brain and power switching center) is milled aluminum and will transport heat very effectively into the air or water. Many competitors like dive scooters, electric surf boards, and other electric powered machines suffer severely from thermal problems! This causes the devices to cut down power, stop, or even get damaged.

MOSFETS are the most sensitive parts of any modern electric driven vehicle. They will transfer battery power into motion, by supplying a precisely triggered frequency controlled high current to the electric motor windings. This high power switching technology is a critical process to manage and control! Most manufacturers rely on radio shack parts or have them customized. IAQUA develops critical parts from scratch, applying latest technologies and up to date components.   

MOSFETS need to be cooled down constantly or they will simply burn. It is essential that a manufacturer is able to control thermal dynamics and constructs a technology that safely enables and controls high currents and excessive heat development. It takes the best available parts and most up to date technology in order to compete in that segment. Constant technology revision and improvement is the only way to stay on top of performance, reliability, and also product safety. Watercooled parts are not a solution if a device is actually used on top of the water! Many compeditor's technical design is faulty, because on top of the water (when planing) the technology is partly not water cooled! The technical design must take the harsh conditions of salt water use into account! 

IAQUA not only has the resources and access to the highest technology standards, they also have the engineers that understand how modern technology works and can be applied in an industrial sense. This is what makes the IAQUA DPV unique on the market, because it is the high tech industry discovering and understanding the water sport market.

The users will profit in high quality, innovative, state of the art technology, and affordable products.

It is our job to confirm that products meed our standards. IAQUA DPV does, that is why we sell IAQUA!

Update 2023: It is also our job to point out the bad news! IAQUA products did not have a continuing product quality. Especially when IAQUA was actually bankrupet the internal modules consisted of partly bad quality/ older version parts that had been rated faulty. Despite our warnings IAQUA continued to use the non mylon type plastic, weak thread inlays, safety hazard IAQUA batteries with silly plastic bags aound them that actually trap sea water and cause severe corrosion.

EPOXY sharp bits and partly too tightly bent cables caused cable insulation to be punctured or overstressed, resulting Salt water ingress!

We have many reports of deep charged IAQUA batteries due to above faults and also faulty ECU units. The display will indecate all is ok (more than 50% charge, while one battery can be already deep discharged ... the second battery discharge only a matter of time. ECU unable to charge will result in deep charged IAQUA batteries and severe damage!

Dive Scooter History

It took IAQUA around two years of development to create a state of the art multi-functional electric water craft.

It was equiped with patented unique buttons that offer an optical feed back when pushed.

Two triggers that engage the movement of the Dive scooter are distingishing funtional features that also enhance the safety of a fast Dive scooter. 

In dive scooter history there have been many types of dive scooters / so called DPV.

What pops into mind are torpedo like shaped machines that were used in James Bond movies in the 1970's.

Those scooters were already battery driven, and were equipped with a propeller, semi jet, or jet drive. Naturaly they had some kind of  handle or handles to hold on ot. Also those handels had some kind of switch ot mechanism to trigger on/ off or speed steps. Those features are surly not new and can not be patented. 


For mainly on top/waterlevel use there was a very common gasoline driven snorkel scouter in the 1980's. Many clients report that they actually used that water sled when they were young. Besides that there are numerous devices that run on top of the water and can also dive for some time.

Dive industry produced numerous electric driven scooters that had improved hydrodynamic efficiency, small size, exchangeable batteries, and even good looking colorful design in mind (SCUBAPRO, SEADOO, Yamaha, Altivs and many more).


A device called "DELFJET" was acually the fist fast/ jet diven Dive scooter (DPV). It was  invented around 1995 and represented a very powerful version of priviouslely existing DIve Scooters with similar design and technology. 

THe Delfjets special feature was  that it contained the crazy expensive first Lithium Ion batteries that were available for non millitary use. Those rather Space Technology Lithium Batteires (actually used in Satelites!) made the difference and enabeled to imply a jet driven dive scooter with  water flow cooled battery and engine. 


Those are original flyers from the DELF Sports GmbH Company which was taken over from ROTINOR GmbH, that split into ROTINOR (Millitary products) and CAYAGO lessure products. Important to understand is that the original DELFJET was not invented by an existing Dive Scooter manufacturer! THe inventor licenced CAYAGO to produce the DELFJET as "SEABOB".  

IMG 20190518 080152 2

IMG 20190518 080131 2

Here you see the original DELF Jet as it was invented and sold approx. feom 1995 (original foto that shows one of our DELFJET units!):


delfjet seabob proffesional 5.12


Now you see one fo the first CAYAGO / SEABOB catalogs that display exactly the DELFJET product  under the name "SEABOB":

DELFJET design in SEABOB ROTINOR GmbH catalog 2005 page 4

This shall not minimize the success of SEABOB but it shall simply show the history of fast Dive Scooters, who invented the different versions and how they became popular. CAYAGO did a very good job to introduce such fast DIve Scooters like the DELFJET into the yacht market under the name of SEABOB, and used DELFJET technology. 

SEADOO and YAMAHA also redesigned their scooters and switched to LI-ION technology.

The SEABOB was very fast but also very heavy .

SEABOB Rave Jet, 5.12 , 5.12 ACS, VX2, 4.12 and F7 where the model variations of the origina original DELFJET.


The SEABOB models had differnt power and also exchangeable batteries (like the DELFJET, that was from the start equipped with an exchangable Battrie System). 

CAYAGO ( also knowen as "the SEABOB company") managed to reduce in approx. 2011 the weight further by switching to the industrial standard "18650" Litium battery cell type.

The double walled hull was still foam filled, but came in a modern plastic design, (in our opinion inspired by seadoo jet skie design and general "form follows fuction" principels).

Former SEABOB F7 was discioniued step by step as soon as the "new SEABOB F5" was introduced to the market in 20011/2012. Repair of former SEABOB was replaced by offering clients a so called "trade in discount offer"

Parts for old SEABOB were discontiued, battery is not available as regular spare part, and also repair of old SEABOB (DELFJET DESIGN) was discontiued at least for the lessure sector of business.

SEABOB F5S and F5SR are rather derivations of the F5,  With introduction of the SEABOB F5SR an integrated camera was presented as innovation.

SEABOB F5/F5S/F5SR share the same base construction. CAYAGO was very successful with this product, because it was simply fun and much lighter than the former 65 KG SEABOB .

Difference between CAYAGO/ SEABOB and an IAQUA scooter is that IAQUA has a totaly different hull concept, different array of modules, and the technucal modules are connected by very maintanance friendly conectors. IAQUA Scooters are controled with only two LED light empowered buttons. For increased safety IAQUA emplyes two trigger (one for each hand)  in order to make sure the IAQUA Pilot has both hands on the machine. Also IAQUA mid range and PRO dive scooters have LED head lights that light up the night!  

Neither CAYAGO, IAQUA, or SEADOO (and many other brands more) invented the fast hand held dive scooter concept with positive buoyancy and a jet drive like propulsion. 

The modern dive scooters we see today /for example IAQUA, SEABOB, AMAZEA, Altivs …) are simply the result of combining modern technology into a more or less hydrodynamic hull!


AQUA redesigned the existing technology, applied the newest electronics, and made the dive scooter not only even better by emplying regulary state of the Art technology, but also a lot less expensive.

Genuine experienced industrial production is the reason for coniniouse improving technology at reasonable prices. Also the SUBLUE company has showen an incredibel product and innovation (NAVBOW) and is working also on a bigger dive scooter version (Altivs).  CAYAGO already "attacked" SUBLUE delers because formaly the small SUBLUE bow shaped DIVESCOOTER was nemed "SEABOW" ... a German court ruled that name too close to SEABOB.

Considerimg how many marine business and manufacturer use "SEA" in their name or product name it is quiet funny that a court actualy granted such complain :-). THe word "bow!" is actualy waht differentiates a SEA BOB from  SEA BOW, where as SEABOB is a BOB like slade, while the SEE BOW is rather a bow shaped device that one holds in fromt (like a bow). However, all companies that are attacked by competitors may be the potential better choice!

Water sport industry is changing, and we believe that all kind of water toys will improve and equipped with state of the art technology in order to compete. 

Products will benefit in modern technology and the advantages of industrialized production. This will enabel  lower prices and more reliable smart products.

This is called technical evolution and the  free market will select simply the best!

Update 2023: 

The free market has deslected IAQUA, because TOYMASTER as first and biggest IAQUA dealer has stopped to sell IAQUA due to many above stated reasons. 

According to resent court decisions TOYMASTER can witness and admit, that IAQUA has procued actually patent infringing products! This does not mean that TOYMASTER has sold infringing products, because EU courts have rated the IAQUA products infringing AFTER TOYMASTER has imported and sold IAQUA models.  TOYMASTER alsways respected EU court decisions that are relevant to TOYMASTER and legaly binding. Never the less did we always DEMAND IAQUA to comply with EU laws and to obay Court orders and penalty payments.

One reason why we can not support IAQUA further is the fact that IAQUA seems to escape its responsibility to remove infringing goods from the market and cover damage costs to patent holders. IAQUA owners are "hiding" behind Hongkong companies and on top the internal owner structure has become very intransparent. 

IAQUA do NOT have EU headquarters. In our opinion IAQUA has caused a lot of damage on the EU market and the new IAQUA owners benefit on the IAQUA barand popularity, while escaping the IP right responsibilities and open debts.