Whole Sale Conditions

TOYMASTER Whole Sale Opportunities


QUANTITYTIMING (Delivery time)PAYMENTBest Price?
Quantity is the most important factor in order to receive a good whole sale discount! Buy minimum 3 x IAQUA SEADART and we will be happy to offer you an attractive discount.  Example: If you order 36 x IAQUA SEADART then you will receive the best possible Quantity discount.
The Timing (time diference between time of of pre-order payment and delivery time) of your order is very important and will influrence you Quantity discount! If you pre-order before the next summer season (latest before end of January) then your delivery time will be at season start (April/Mai). The early bird gets revarded! Eample: Place your pre- order in November and you will get the best discount on the whole sale Quantity. Buy between June - September and there is usualy no discount for good timing, because demand is always high in summer season and stock sells!
The Payment is also a very important factor. The more you down pay , the better will be your discount! Minimum non refundable pre-payment is 25%. Example: If you order before January 36 x  IAQUA SEADART for the summer season, and you pay 100% up front, then you will receive the best possible discount. The less you pre-pay the less discount your will receive. 
The best price you will receive if you order up to 36 IAQUA SEADART, you pay 100% up front before January, delivery time is in Mai,


We offer to anybody whole sale prices. General delivery conditon is EXW! This means anybody can pick up IAQUA SEADART at our outlets in Spain, Austria, Netherlands, and in cooperation with MENNYACHT also in the Balkan/ East Adriatic area.

We strongly advice to purchase your IAQUA with you local IAQUA dealer!

If you are a rental station then we are happy to offer you a whole sales price and also the best posible aftersales soluton.

If you would like to sell IAQUA you can order with us any time (EXW delivery conditon).

If you want to sell IAQUA as an official IAQUA Reseller/ Dealer, then you need to contact the IAQUA distributor of your Area or IAQUA directely

We are the exclusive official distributor for IAQUA in Spain and Austria.

We supply and deliver IAQUA also into areas that are not covered by a designated distributor (E.g. Switzerland)

We are the exclusive ditributor in the entire EU for IAQUA professional products (Rescue) and the connected services.

Contact us if you want to become a dealer!

Depending on your ressources, your shop, and your location we are able to offer you interesting conditions. 


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