Product SEABOB

We sold SEABOB ever since the product has been developed.

We were the fist SEABOB Dealer with offices in mediterranen and asian area. 

We were the first SEABOB service & repair Center in the world!

How did it all start? and where the first private information web sites about diving with a fast scooter. was and still is the only independent SEABOB rental and repair center.

Due to serious product Quality problems we paused from our CAYAGO Sales and service contract, intitiated a SALES STOP on our units in stock, until CAYAGO spaks up about technical problems and how to solve them!

The technical problems have occured within warranty time or shortly after. We can look back on a significant number of repair cases with the same problem.

There is also a sworen statement of a former CAYAGO Sales & Service Manager that states the massive product quallity problems ever since CAYAGO is selling SEABOB.

We are happy to continue our side of the contract if CAYAGO meets our expectations as a high quality producer / fulfills her part of the contract.

Currently there is a IP Right battle between CAYAGO and it's competitor IAQUA.

The ugly side of ths economic conflict ist that CAYAGO TEC Gmbh ( CAYAGO GmbH was sold in 2017), is attacking all dealers that offer the IAQUA dive scooter with pre-justice actions. Local Police is confronted with carefully prepared evedence from CAYAGO lawyers. This evedence contains fake facts and confusing / deceiving information, with the aim to suggest that IAQUA is violating IP rights.

The goal is to stop sales at dealers, boatshows, and online! CAYAGO is investing in highly skilled swiss lawyers to create this global anti compatitative campagne.

This does not work in every country! In Spain CAYAGO deceived the Guardia Civil with fake and paid off evedence. In France and USA this strategy did not work. Still, CAYAGO is claiming, that IAQUA scooters are forbidden and against the law. This is not true! We can confirm that not one judge has decided in a proper trial that IAQUA is illegal. Also IAQUA has introduced several models. CAYAGO is simply stating that all models are illegal, which is rediculous.

Furthermore CAYAGO is forcing us to delete SEABOB pictures and commands us to hand over our internet domain addresses!

This is why we try to stay as nutral as possible and will not (as requested by CAYAGO) Show any SEABOB product Pictures on this site.  

However, of Course we are still using, renting out, repairing, and caring for SEABOB / the SEABOBs of our Clients!

Also we sell pre owned SEABOBs. On request we are happy to sell any new SEABOB model and Ship world wide. 

Contact us if you have a problem with your SEABOB, if you need repair, or if you need a second opinion on your repair diagnosis

Copyright Robin Leoson 2009!


We keep you updated about SEABOB and CAYAGO. SO far CAYAGO has nothing new and has not comented how they have solved the numerous technical problems! However, the SEABOB service has received more attention. Due to the competitor IAQUA CAYAGO seemes to instruct dealers to repair the faulty parts and pay for their work. Still, a SEABOB repair (power grip exchange, central electronics exchange) will cost approx. up to 2.500€!

Exchanging the battary cells will cost nearly 7.000€ (including all costs).

We can only hope that CAYAGO management will accept the competitor fast and will focus on product qulaity and service, instead of preserving the MONOPOY status.

Further more we can only advise judes, the media, to look more carefully at the accusations and so called evidence that is prodced by a network of IP lawyers. In our opinion this global anti competitative campagne is against nacional competition laws and free trade!