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Whats the difference beween scuba dive scooters and snorkel dive scooters?

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What is a e-surf board?

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Why does a SEABOB costs as much a a car?

First of all one must understand that a SEABOB is a high tech product that contains valuable parts. Hand made / semi industrial production crewated high costs. Main target group is the wealty boat owner. Lacking lower priced competition is probably the reason why prices remain high since SEABOB hit the market. CAYAGO has an interesting history. SEABOB was not actually invented by CAYAGO!

The Company CAYAGO (former ROTINOR GmbH purchased an invention called DELFJET. The product was renamed, received a face lift, and was produced in a rather small company with an attached garage in Stuttgart Germany by hand. Never the less, the company invested in big boat show stands (BOOT DÜSSELDORF) and in marketing. Major water sport brands (like Sunseeker Germany on Mallorca, Mc Queen, Luxury restaurants and others) received free dummies. The so called SEABOB 5.12 series showed technical problems (Power grip, hair cracks in grip area, faulty piezo buttons, charging problems ...). The SEABOB was designed maintenance free and could not be serviced. Aftersales costs were expected to be high priced and a major cost factor. The high price covered in our opinion the costs for market entry and aftersales. Another reason for the high price is the high costs for the special lithium batteries.

Approx. 2014 the SEABOB F5 series was introduced. The F5 was invented in order to include newer technology into the SEABOB and reduce the weight. Weight reduction was simple, since the new battery type was lighter and cheaper! Also the electric engine and other technical parts where now preassembled and designed for mass production. The hull was still based on the former SEABOB / Delfjet, but was assembled by screwing the components together. The price did not change! The technical problems still remained.


Is a SEABOB maintanance free?

A SEABOB was designed maintenance free. However, the former SEABOB series (Ravejet, 5.12, 5.12 ACS, 4.12, VX2, F7
revealed parts that failed in time (trigger, grip material). There have also been a significant number of faulty PIEZO buttons been reported. A SEABOB is maintenance free … as long as parts do not fail. A SEABOB is in any case very expensive to repair!


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