In our digital world it is easy to advertise and easy to sale and send a product. ALso luxury toys are sold over the internet. Manufacturer actually would love to sell directly to the Client (B2B), skipping Disrtibutor and the local Dealer. Clients think that this will lower the price. This is not true! It is only more profit for the manufacturer. For some products it is totaly unimportant if bought in the internet or at a dealer. Shipping time is today not an issue. However, electric luxury toys will alwasy be expensive to ship and it takes time more time as well. Lithium batteries are DANGEROUS GOODS! they can not be simply ship in a box. Integrated battaries are easier to ship than battaries only. Still they are dangerous goods and need special approved packing and an experienced shipper, especially when shipping internationally by plane. As soon as you have a warranty problem you have to depend on a local service. For private persons it is almost impossible to send e.g. a SEABOB by plane to Germany. If you don't have the approved packing then there is no chance!. This applies even more for the huge electric surf boards that partly have no approvel or fake ones (former bankruped LAMPUGA comany. The new LAMPUGA company is an example of excelent complient with international dangerous goods shipping rules!).

Buying an electrix luxury toy online is not a good idea! Manufacturers that do not invest and care for local services trough a Distributor or DEALER in areas were they sell to should be avoided!

Online dealers usualy sell from countries that are far away from the actual area were those toys are applied. Cheap labour and logistic specialised online sellers do not have their head office on Mallorca or French riviera.

Lets have a look at real Dealers. There are specialized water sport deealers, maritime accessorie shops, and first line dealers such yacht brand representatives and broakers. Those dealers are more or less specialized on a product. SOme first line dealers actually sell property and use luxury toys only as magnet to draw attention and get VIPs in the store. They all have in comon that they are local, wich is good, because you have a local company to claim warranty. The good ones will offer from sales to services a good package. THe bad will simply sell you a luxury toy and have actually another core product (like Sunseeker, Princess, or other Yacht dealers), the ugly will only be middle man without any stock or knowledge about the luxury toy, let alone to offer services. Now there might be exeptions, but they all have in common that they have high rent and employment costs, and want to sell in their short season as fast as possible. The competition is very high, that is why marketing and discounts are the best way to attract a client. Can the client realy trust one of those dealers? In our experience those dealers have no time to test products, let alone review manufacturers or do long time tests. They simply see something on boat shows, order and sell.

Some dealers not even order. They will simply collect money for pre-orders and actually don't care if delivery is late. Some black sheep dealers even are specialized to sell products that are promessing and hype but are not available. Collecting downpayments payes of their bills. Wethy clients tend to even forget about an order, like avarage people forget to pick up something from the laundry or a package.


It is our job to select the best possible dealers in the area and supply our products to those dealers in teir areas! Only then the dealer will invest into the product and can concentrate on sales to his LOCAL clients. THe distributor backs the dealers up. Specialized dealers need less care and usually invest in stock, smaller dealers can depend on our services and still can be a valuable linc between client and manufacturer. This way all local type dealers are good, because they receive the care they need and will make provits depending on their resources. A product that is sold all over the place will have different confunsing prices and usually a bad service structure.r [/tab][/tabs]